LOCO Sportswear

Preferred Apparel Supplier


  1. Club contacts AFL GM to discuss order including design, items, quantity etc.
  2. Order confirmed and placed with LOCO
  3. Loco delivers directly to AFL GM or Club *subject to change
  4. AFL GM invoices club directly for items

Loco Sportswear is the AFL Goulburn Murray’s preferred uniform supplier and to the member clubs of the leagues in the Goulburn Murray region for the 2018 season.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the sporting landscape, including designing and supplying performance apparel to elite sporting organisations, Loco continues to grow as a force in the Australian sports apparel industry.

Loco are proudly a Victorian company, based out of Port Melbourne, and are focused on supplying to the Australian sporting community.

As our preferred supplier, our partnership is built on providing quality football and netball on and offsite apparel in a cost-effective manner in the appropriate deadlines.

We can also help with liaison for design and ordering – one less job for your club volunteer!

Please contact Melissa Wells on 03 5823 9800 or email or visit our office to view sample stock.

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