KDL Resources – Netball

KDL Resources – Netball

Resources relevant to the Apprenticeship Factory KDL Netball Administration

Current The Apprenticeship Factory KDL Netball by-laws KDL – Bylaws

How to enter scores in My Netball MY NETBALL enter scores instructions

Good Sports Award

2019 Netball Club Contacts 2019 KDFNL Netball contacts

Search for Participants KDL_MyNetball – Search for participant Login

How to score – Scoresheet KDL

Willis Match day Check List – App download Match Day Checklist – Netball App

Single Game Voucher https://netball.resultsvault.com/common/pages/reg/welcome.aspx?type=1&id=83204&entityid=42288

Complaints Form – Netball Victoria Complaint-Form

AFL Goulburn Murray Partners

AFL GM Academy Partners

MBCM Northern Country Women's League Partners