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AFL Goulburn Murray Future Allowable Player Payment Limits

August 27th, 2020

In a major boost for community football, AFL Goulburn Murray Commission has finalised Allowable Player Payment (APP) limits for 2021.

The AFL Goulburn Murray Commission is pleased with the outcome of the Community Club Sustainability Program (CCSP) working Party where the caps proposed for competitions within the AFL Goulburn Murray region were endorsed. The Commission is confident this reduction in (APP) will remove much of the pressure and burden of fundraising from our volunteers. This will allow clubs to plan with certainty for future seasons whilst achieving greater financial stability and viability.

As in all years since the introduction of the AFL CCSP Working Party, clubs will be involved in a range of reporting and audit procedures to ensure the integrity of the program.

The decreases reflect the expected impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on community football and netball clubs’ ability to raise revenue in 2021 and beyond and are in line with reductions in metropolitan and country competitions across the state.

In all cases the Allowable Player Payment amounts are the maximum allowable payments in all leagues. There may be clubs that will pay less than the maximum allowable figure. Clubs will make their own decisions within their budget constraints as to what their player payments will be.

The salary cap limits across the Goulburn Valley League, Kyabram District League, Murray Football League and Picola District Football Netball League are as follows:

League and Competition 2021 Indications APP for 2020 season $ Reduction 2020 – 2021 % Reduction 2020 – 2021
Goulburn Valley Football League $125,000 $175,000 $50,000 29%
Kyabram District Football League $75,000 $85,000 $10,000 12%
Murray Football League $100,000 $140,000 $40,000 29%
Picola & District Football Netball League $90,000 $105,000 $15,000 14%

AFL Goulburn Murray Region General Manager, Jamie Macri wishes to thank the Leagues for their support and feedback during this process. It is AFL Goulburn Murray’s aim to enhance the long-term sustainability of our clubs, and he believes this is a step toward that.

AFL Goulburn Murray Commission Chairman, Peter Foott supported the move, “Aligning with the objectives of the AFL Victoria Allowable Player Payments policy, these limits will assist clubs to attract and maintain players, supporters, volunteers and sponsors. This will ensure teams are, as far as possible, strong and well-matched financially on and off the field. It is important ‘stronger’ clubs do not obtain an unfair proportion of top players at the expense of other clubs.”

This view was also supported by David Roff the Goulburn Valley League President, “The 2020 non-season has been a significant challenge and although we are not yet sure what 2021 will look like, a reduction in the salary cap in 2021 will assist clubs to improve their sustainability. The realignment of salary caps between metropolitan and non-metropolitan leagues will also make clubs in the Goulburn Valley League relatively more attractive to players who may wish to enjoy a high standard of quality football.”

Julie Walsh, Murray Football League President also approved the APPL, “The Murray Football League is all about our clubs and communities and ensuring our clubs can continue to be strong. It is good to see movement toward a sustainable approach that is unified across the state and has a long-term application.”

Kyabram District President Frasier Kerrins’ view is, “The reduction of the salary caps across the region show the sustainability of leagues and clubs across our region is paramount.

Bringing the salary cap down assists in reducing the pressure on volunteers in raising funds to remain competitive. It shows that we are aware the money previously taken for granted may not exist in the future. The KDL wholly supports the reduction in our salary cap and that of our neighbouring leagues. Our clubs can now focus on the retention and recruitment of playing groups for the 2021 season.”

In agreement with the other leagues, Picola District Football Netball League President, Denis Brooks, says the league, “is more than happy to play its role in reducing the pressure on our country communities and supports the reductions in salary caps for all football competitions throughout Victoria. We are acutely aware of the ongoing difficulties facing our community partners and hope we can assist them as we all emerge in partnership with these businesses from the current restrictions. We look forward to season 2021 and beyond.”

Jamie Macri also said, “2020 has been an extraordinary year for football and netball. Salary cap changes will greatly benefit tireless club volunteers who are significant contributors to the game. Die-hard supporters see this as an opportunity to recreate old rivalries where the game was played for the love of the club and the community. Others see it as a way to create some certainty in ensuring the future viability of their clubs. Whatever the reasons, the implementation of a reduction in Allowable Player Payments is a necessity in these tough times that can only benefit our great game and our communities.”

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