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PDFNL To Not Affiliate In 2018

The Picola District Football Netball League (PDFNL) has elected not to affiliate to AFL Goulburn Murray and AFL Victoria in 2018.

The PDFNL Board had until 5pm on March 5 to accept a one-year affiliation offer with AFL Goulburn Murray, but failed to adhere to the deadline.

The decision means that the PDFNL will no longer receive the benefits of affiliation, which include but are not limited to insurance, competition management and access to talent pathways, effective immediately.

AFL Goulburn Murray Region General Manager Martin Gleeson is disappointed that the matter has dragged on for so long.

“This is the fourth consecutive recent communication deadline PDFNL has not adhered to regarding affiliation,” Gleeson said.

“Both AFL Goulburn Murray and AFL Victoria have provided multiple opportunities over the past two years for the PDFNL to discuss its reservations with affiliation, which they repeatedly chose not to participate in.”

“After missing three additional deadline extensions provided by AFL Goulburn Murray, it’s clear from the lack of timely correspondence that the PDFNL does not have the best interest of the game and its clubs in mind.”

Despite the decision, PDFNL Clubs will remain affiliated with the Region Commission for the next two weeks and be provided with the option of joining an AFL Goulburn Murray managed football netball competition for season 2018.

“For country Victoria to maintain its status and indeed grow, the Clubs must be vibrant and financially sustainable,” Gleeson said.

“As such, AFL Goulburn Murray’s focus will continue to be in supporting its Clubs to ensure the long-term sustainability of community football in the region.”

“If there is interest from clubs in remaining within the system, including insurance, player transfer regulations and pathway programs then it’s important that they be provided with an option to do so.”

“As well as retaining the current benefits of affiliation the alternate competition will be governed by a local Advisory Committee, be administered from the AFL GM office and will engage the services of an affiliated umpiring group to officiate matches.”

“The two-week continuation of affiliation also allows for clubs to continue training with the protection of the current insurance as well as maintaining player registrations and movements and access to the SportsTG database.”

“The PDFNL Board have made their stance clear that they wish to not be a part of the AFL Victoria system and over the next two weeks clubs will also be given the opportunity to decide which direction they wish to take.”

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