Sports Trainers

Sports Trainers

Goulburn Valley & District Sports Trainers Association

The GV&DSTA is dedicated to providing qualified Sports Trainers to ALL Sporting Codes and to provide an environment where all Sportspersons can compete in safety.

Our aims are:

  • To have every Sports Trainer qualified to a minimum of Level 1
  • To provide the latest techniques and education for Sports Trainers
  • To maintain Trainers’ re-accreditation every 3 years

We would love to hear from any other associations or Sporting bodies that require Sports Trainers.

There is a growing or existing interest in many Sports other than Football, many of which we have assisted in Trainers gaining accreditation including Basketball, Soccer, Netball, Baseball, Athletics, Cricket, Equestrian. We are very keen to be involved in any sport, to help reduce the risk of serious or debilitating injury.

If you have any enquiries please contact us

If you are a Trainer in the GVL, MFL, KDFNL or PDFNL then you ARE a Member of this Association

Help us to make your sport safer and more enjoyable!

For more information on courses contact your local sports assembly or vist Sports Medicine Australia website

To download the Trainers Pass Application, please click on the following link:  trainers pass application

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